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Conquer the world of coding with us.

Pay nothing till you get placed !

Your financial status has nothing to do with a great career. She Loves Code empower women to develop a coding career by paying only after placement.

She loves code

What is an ISA?

It is a chance for you to learn and acquire coding skills without paying anything. Income Share Agreement (ISA) gives you the freedom to pay back only after getting placed, that too in timely intervals.

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What is not an ISA?

ISA is not an educational loan; hence, there is no interest charged on the amount and you do not require any collaterals proof as required in a loan.

She loves code
She loves code
Flexible Payments

You can pay in installments across convenient time intervals.

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No Risks

You do not pay anything, until you earn a minimum amount of 4.5 lakhs per annum.

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Income Share Percentage

You only have to pay a percentage of the earned income for a fixed course fee.

Withdrawal Clauses

If you wish to withdraw from the course at any given point after the ISA is signed, this is how it will impact your payment cap. If you withdraw:

  • Within 2 months :
    40% of the Course Fees
  • Within 3 months :
    60% of the Course Fees
  • After 3 months :
    Entire Course Fees

The initial 1 week of the course is a buffer period for each student before they sign the ISA and joins in.

Why is compensation charged on the withdrawal of course?

The training delivered by She Loves Code enables you to enhance your career whether you complete the program or not. However, it is only suitable to acknowledge the effort put in by She Loves Code at the end of the course and the course fee is for all the services being used by the students, hence it is only wise to pay for the agreement.


Students are required to be available for job offers post the course, must have a system/laptop and a good internet. and must be 18+ years of age.

The students must maintain 90% attendance and complete 90% assignment in order to be eligible for the certification/placement.

The students have to pay the course pay in monthly installments after placement of 4.5LPA or more.

Students at She Loves Code are provided with full job assistance, along with a thorough interview practice sessions. Even though there is no guarantee that you will get a job after the course, since we agree to ISA (Income Shared Agreement), all our bets are on you getting the best placement you can get. We have a lot of recruiting partners in touch, however clearing out the interview to secure a job is still all you.

ISA is a shared agreement, and not a loan; therefore, no interest charge is levied on the installments.

At She Loves Code, we stand with our students during hard times. In case of termination, we will temporarily stop the installments until you are hired again.

It is very unlikely for a student to not get placed after successful completion of the course. In rare cases, if you do not get placed within the stipulated time period, you do not have to pay anything.

Mentors at She Loves Code will counsel you about what's best for you but finally the decision to accept the job offer will be yours. The students can reject up to 2 interview opportunities provided by She Loves Code, with a valid reason.

Yes, you can apply for an alternative job after getting selected for a job. We want the best for our students and get the best jobs available in the market. SheLovesCode is always available for help.

Yes, you can pay the fee in one go; rebates can be discussed one the decision has been made