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Conquer the world of coding with us!
Pay Zero till you get placed for 4.5LPA or above.​

Learn from a highly skilled and curated list of trainers.
Batches – Starting Soon!

Till placements do us apart!

We are committed to getting you placed post you finish your course here.

Here’s what it looks like


It's your choice!

She Loves Code works on the ISA Model (Income Shared Agreement), wherein the students have to pay zero upfront fee till the time they are placed. Once they complete the 5-month course with 80% of attendance and are placed for 4.5L or above, they can do the payment of the course in instalments i.e. on an income shared basis.

₹ 0 + 15%
of annual CTC after you’re place for 4.5 LPA or above.

Total Program Cost:

  • Full Stack Development: ₹ 83,000 (including taxes)
  • Cloud Computing: ₹ 131,000 (including taxes)

Duration: As preferable by the student

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