Note to our fellow sisters

We know it’s a challenge to keep your interests alive while overcoming the barriers of gender disparity. We are here to provide you with the right space, the right opportunities and the best community to learn and excel in your skills. She Loves Code is all about empowering, encouraging and upskilling women.

She loves code

This is the era of women IT professionals!

So let's get you started with the tools, resources
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She loves code
She loves code
Learn by Doing

Do project based learning. Learn and repeat anytime you want.

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Skill Up

Gain confidence with softs skills and unlimited mock interviews.

She loves code
Get Hired

Get trained by industry experts for top tech jobs.

Courses at She Loves Code

Let them know your full potential!

Full Stack Web Development

Learn to program from the ground up with real-world projects, one-on-one mentoring from experienced professionals, and all-around interview preparation.

Cloud Computing

Rule the internet, like you rule the world! Learn cloud computing, and be a part of innovation, growth & future, while the market is still rising.

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Take your coding career to the next level.
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Live Classes

She loves code

Live Projects

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Interview preparation

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Career Counselling

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Job Assistance

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One on One Mentoring

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4.5 LPA

or more

You heard it right! No Fees, No Setbacks

There's nothing stopping you now ! Learn at 0 INR upfront
and pay only after you are placed at 4.5 LPA or more.
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Know it from our students

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Our Mentors

We are inspiring young women developers, inspiring them to conquer the world of coding under the guidance of skilled Industry Professionals. Each mentor is a guiding light to their cohort of students through one-on-one sessions, mock interviews and career counselling.

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She loves code Apply Now

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She Loves Code is an opportunity for women of all culture and ethnicities, to up their skills as a successful coder. Under our umbrella, each student is nurtured to bring out the best of their capabilities.

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